NCBMS have extensive experience of corporate restructuring including mergers, de-mergers, conversions, amalgamation, acquisition, reconstruction and have been engaged in a large number of acquisitions and formation of commercial banks in Pakistan.

These services include:
Developing schemes for mergers, de-mergers and acquisitions, pre and post accounting.
Support to the legal advisors.
Providing advice on the viability of proposed mergers considering legal, financial, tax and administrative viability.
Identifying potential target companies for takeover, identifying potential investor and forming consortiums for takeovers.
Accounting advises on the merger issues


    We generate valuable due diligence reports and business analyses for our client base that become an integral component of their decision-making and negotiation processes. We offer a confidential, sound, unbiased perspective and are the ideal complement to your internal resources.

    Our due diligence services range from initial validation of targets to detailed on-site due diligence visits to the preparation of complete integration plans. Management consulting services, aimed at enhancing organizational effectiveness, are typically intensive studies that identify cost-saving opportunities and define appropriate actionable go-forward plans.
    Strict confidentiality is maintained for all engagements.


    Revaluation of fixed assets may be required to accurately describe the true value of the capital goods a business owns.

    Fixed assets are held by an organization for the purpose of producing goods or delivering services, as opposed to being held for resale in the normal course of business.