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Our Audit Philosophy

We believe that audit is and should be a great value addition process not only by virtue of the assurance which we provide with respect to the financial information but also due to the insights that we can provide as independent observer of the systems, controls and business practices of our clients.

We provide board of directors, management and audit committees the comfort that all financial reporting requirements are being complied with and that adequate controls and systems exist for identifying and managing business risks faced by the client.

Quality Assurance System
We are committed to maintaining quality of our work for all our clients and for this purpose we have established a strong internal quality assurance system

Internal Consultative Framework

Mian Saleem & Co. has an internal consultative framework in place by which staff is encouraged and required to seek professional help and advice on the technical and complex issues.

Risk Management Program
We have established and documented a Risk Management Program, which is designed to create an environment of accountability for risk that will allow the firm to preserve its professional reputation and minimize exposure.

Tax Services

The complexity of the business and tax landscape continues to increase. With increase in regulations and in a time when tax performance is put under a microscope, you need precise knowledge and facts We can

assist you with these critical issues in today’s tax environment by providing the following services:

• Corporate and individual tax planning.
• Compliance services including preparation of income tax and sales tax returns.
• Representing clients before tax authorities and assisting legal counsel in preparing appeals to the higher courts.
• International Tax Consultancy including tax on international transactions and advising on double taxation treaties.
• Assisting with sales tax matters including registration, de-registration and assessment
• Obtaining Advance Ruling on proposed investments or business transactions.

Financial Advisory Services

In today’s dynamic and ever changing business environment you need a business advisor who thinks like an investor. Our highly qualified team can help identify, evaluate and implement successful growth strategies. The services we offer are as follows:

• Transaction advisory services
• Due diligence reviews
• Valuation Services
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Investment advisory services
• Re-organization services
• Debt Issuance
• Share Issuance

Legal Services

We are committed to providing practical solutions to complex issues faced by our clients in today’s strict regulatory environment. Our services include:

• Registration of entities with relevant regulatory bodies

• Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) Compliance Services
• Incorporation of Entities
• Winding up / Dissolution of Corporate entities
• Dispute Resolution
• Preparation and vetting of contracts/agreement
• Correspondence with SECP on behalf of client
• Addressing show cause and other notices from SECP and CROs.
• Assisting clients on tax cases in judicial courts

Consulting Services

We work hand in hand with our clients to determine issues and propose solutions to improve business performance, shareholder value and create competitive advantage. Our success is based on the competence and capabilities of our core team of highly qualified professionals. Services we offer are as follows:

• Human Resource Management
• Payroll
• Monitoring and Evaluation
• Data Center Solutions
• Software Development
• Development of policies and procedures
• Scanning and Digitization